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“My Beautiful Launderette”

My Beautiful Launderette

My Beautiful Launderette

Where the best-dressed gentlemen of all time have their threads done 😉


All And Everything

“It’s probably never been attempted before in the history of art,” reckons Wendel Field, Tiru’s artist-in-residence. “Or at lest, very rarely, as far as I know,” he adds as an afterthought. Not that it really matters, anyway. We’re looking at his work-in-progress of many years, a floor to ceiling canvas cut into the shape of a gigantic egg and mounted on plywood board, softly yet strongly lit by the skylight cut into the roof overhead.

From ocean to sky, mountain and rainforest, cellular to celestial, populated by one of each species, there’s enough to explore for even the expert viewer, though it takes no qualifications to simply delight in this straightforward depiction of God’s creation. The outcome of prodigious research, there’s so much fitted into such a limited space that some of the life forms are depicted with just a handful of fine brushstrokes.

Hopefully, it will be completed someday, as other commissions land on the front burner, whether entire wall murals or small portraits. Dazzling!

Wendell Field with his magnum opus

Wendell Field dwarfed by his floor-to-ceiling magnum opus

Detail of Wendell Field's work-in-progress

The artist points to a detail of his work-in-progress

Wendell Field's palette

The palette of a thousand faces -- 'secret' ingredients in plain view

Wendell Field's wall mural at Lucknow's Sadguru Mandir

The altar/wall mural at Sadguru Mandir, Brindavan Farm, Lucknow, India

'Ramana-Arunachala' painting by Wendel Field

'Ramana-Arunachala' painting by Wendel Field, at Rani Garden Art Show where the walls are trees

Wendel & Aron & Shirdi Sai Baba

Wendel and Aron (teacher at left, student at right) with master painter's portrait of Shirdi Sai Baba